Using Hello Kitty Svg Cut Files to make a personal mug

This project is 2 color Cricut project, you can grab a mug at Walmart or any POD website, depends you choose hot transfer or DTP Print


Hot transfer is pretty easy and all procedures can do at home, you must have a Cricut machine and


1.       White heat transfer vinyl

2.       Green heat transfer vinyl

3.       A Blank Coffee Mug or your favor glass etc.


The procedures are quite easy as follow:

1.       Go to a website download a SVG, this article download a Hello Kitty SVG at

2.       Unzip the file

3.       Upload the SVG file to design space

4.       You can see it is layered and color separated

5.       Adjust the size to fit your mug

6.       Send to machine, one color on one vinyl

7.       Weld the graphics carefully

8.       Use a iron at low temperature to fix the graphic on the mug

9.       See the finished mug, lovely and cute, right? 



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